Traversing the Field: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Walking & Thinking in Scottish Landscapes

April 30, University of Dundee

We are pleased to welcome you our day-long symposium on walking in Scottish culture. Thomas A. Clark writes, ‘walking is the human way of getting about’. To be sure, bipedalism has been fundamental to our experience of the environment, and our own bodies, as well as a handy mode of transportation, for millennia. But what might the increasing use of cars spell for this unique human ability? And what else of walking? From poets to pilgrims, activists to archaeologists, flâneurs to phenomenologists, walking has figured importantly in the activity of many different artistic, academic and religious practitioners. In this one-day conference, we will explore the different uses to which walking has been put and the different meanings derived therein, with particular focus on Scottish contexts.

Hear from researchers in other disciplines, and walkers from outside academia, about their experiences of walking, and learn about other approaches to the Scottish environment.

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